How to join the affiliate program and create affiliate links

This is Amy from martofchina.com. 
I am glad to teach you how to join our affiliate program and make commissions.
The reason why you join the program is that you can make links in the program to earn money.
The way to join the affiliate program and make links is very easy.

1. Register to be a member in Martofchina.com.

Log in Martofchina.com store with your registered account, Click “My Account” and then go to the User Center, 
click My Affiliate” in the left menu, then you can join our affiliate program.

2. Create affiliate links and make commissions.

There are two ways to create affiliate links.
(1) In "My Affiliate", you can click the button "Add New Link" and you can see the information below.

For example,
Link Name: martofchina
Link Text: martofchina

Click "Save" and you can see the affiliate link.

Dedicated IP is the amount of people who have clicked the link.
Pending means that the order is cancelled or unpaid.
You can get 20% commission from the orders paid.

(2) Open any product page, and you’ll see a “Affiliate 5% Commission” button on the right of the item ID

Click the red “Affiliate 5% Commission” button and you’ll get the affiliate link directly.

You can put the affiliate link in any website. 
If some one buys products from your affiliate links, the affiliate page can show the order's value. 
You can get 20% from the orders paid.
As long as the commission in your account is over $10, you can withdraw it. 
The way to withdraw commissions is that you tell me and I pay you.

our system default rate is 5% but I can set the commission rate to 20%. If you have joined the program, 
please tell me and I will set the commission rate for you.Thank you.

MartofChina Marketing Department 

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